In the Spirit of Lifelong Learning

We all need to continually develop and learn new skills! Or oftentimes we need to put our practice to work and certify that we have what it takes to apply those skills. Recently I attended a 3-day training and became certified by Prosci Change Management as a Change Practitioner. The reason I proudly chose this certification is because change is hard, and Prosci focuses on change implementation with people at the core! We cannot change successfully without ensuring that our people are aware of why change needs to happen, we have to acquire their desire to come along for the ride! This awareness and desire is what drives them to gain the knowledge needed and the ability to move change forward, and then reinforce how important and beneficial change is for business success and sustainability. Being as agile as possible is critical for business success in today’s technological environment, and change management is important in this process. So today, I am celebrating my accomplishment, and sharing how rewarding it is to always be a learner!

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